Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to School Week

3 packets of info to fill out, 1 picture collage, 10 new remind apps, and 3 full backpacks.
45 minutes in lines to get 3 kids after school today.
One parents night at the elementary school and a volleyball parent meeting with more paper work to fill out...concussion forms!?

This week:
Junior High:
$5 locker fee
$10 choir t shirt
$24 2 junior high booster club tshirts
$15 choir uniform fee
Middle School:
$30 band instrument rental fee
$45 generic instrument mouth piece
$11 beginner band book
$10 PE t shirt
$10 band t shirt
Elementary School:
$5 PTO membership

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wild Week

Whoa. I'm sitting in a room filled with my family watching a crazy movie but I have so much in my head I need to record it. It's been a WILD WEEK. There are times when so many things come up that it's hard to balance emotionally, physically and mentally while still talking nicely to Richard and my kids! Of course, if I was healthier I could probably do the days better...and if I kept up with all my meds and kept us all on task, I would probably do better too. But this week I crashed because I'm not healthy and had so much to do and keep up with, I did not do well. I feel better right now than I have all week, so I can record how God sustained me even when I do not have strength.

There is NOTHING like a bad day, bad week or a bad situation to show me how He has the whole world and even me in His hand.

Last Sunday I got to sing in our praise team. I got to lead two songs because someone on the team was sick. I was swept up into the Holy Spirit's anointing during the singing and even though I know He always wants me there when I'm leading, he also was preparing me for the week ahead.

Christ Is Enough:

Christ is my reward and all of my devotion
Now there's nothing in this world that could ever satisfy

Through every trial my soul will sing
 No turning back, I've been set free

Christ is enough for me, Christ is enough for me
Everything I need is in You, everything I need

Christ my all in all, the joy of my salvation
And this hope will never fail heaven is our home

Through every storm my soul will sing
Jesus is here to God be the glory

I have decided to follow Jesus
No turning back, no turning back
The cross before me, the world behind me
No turning back, no turning back

Monday: Sheridan had volleyball every day this week. Richard was home and we took everyone to the movies (we don't ever do that) to celebrate the last week of summer.

Tuesday: Volleyball, trips up the house to order blinds, Richard out of town. Sheridan's Open House at the Junior High at 6pm. (#1)

Wednesday: Cameron's teacher is listed at noon and Jordan and Cameron's friends come over to play all afternoon. Meanwhile, I have details about my upcoming event that are completely out of my hands.  Not only do I need to be chasing down things, but I'm distracted by packing and keeping kids sane on this last week at home. I make a decision to postpone our BIG marketing day until details are worked out, and need to send mass emails and social media posts to let people know.

Thursday: Richard is home and tying up all loose ends on our house so we can move in. We decide to move in next weekend, but move non-essentials this weekend. Lauren comes over to help and helps me get things orderly so I can feel OK about how we're going to do this. Cameron has open house at his elementary school. (#2) The driveways are laid at our house although we didn't think that would happen. However, we can't drive on it until Monday.

Friday: Erin, Richard, the girls and I start moving as much as we can in two SUVs and a trailer. We'll park as close as we can to the doors and walk it in! I'm not used to the humidity, the heavy lifting or this stress and I'm not handling it very well. I snap at the girls and then ask their forgiveness. (Through every storm my soul will sing, Jesus is here, to God be the glory) Jordan has open house at the middle school! (#3)

Saturday: Erin and a friend are here, Jordan is getting new braids, Richard and I pack cars and take more to the house. I've worn out my muscles in the last two days, so I unpack boxes and do what I can to direct traffic and wipe down floors after dirt comes in. (The house we're moving in to is the most beautiful place I've ever seen! Richard has built us a wonderful place to call home) The details of our move & my event are weighing on me and Richard and the kids continue to love me more than I deserve and gives me time to take a much needed nap so I can recoup. Momming is hard, but not harder than He can handle.

So now the movie is over, and the Olympics are still on and I'll try to decide how much I can watch tonight before I need to turn in. I can't wait to worship tomorrow at church. I need the TRUTH, the FELLOWSHIP, and the FOCUS on all that is really important in life.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace

Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Art Project

One day we pulled out the tissue paper, canvases, modge podge and paint brushes. It was time to do some art and use their creativity! The girls picked all their own colors (to match their new bedrooms) and thought about what they wanted on the canvases. We had our friend paint the verses they chose and we were all tickled with how they turned out. I'm so thankful for this project...just because it can't be bad to hang a verse of TRUTH in your room to see every day. These girls are growing up and we pray they have the TRUTH in their hearts every day. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

House on the Hill

T- 2 weeks until moving day. 

Back side of the house as you drive into the street/neighborhood. Brick & stone all finished...yard = a mess! 

Front of house, almost completely bricked and stoned. No pillars yet on porch and no landscaping!

First day of wood floors down! I'm thinking this room will be my favorite. I can't wait to fill the shelves with our games/books/movies and a comfy window seat cushion. There will also be a huge gray sectional and a navy/gray rug. 

Back porch. I love the stained concrete but it's pretty dirty now. I anticipate family time on the porch and a great view out of our trees and maybe a pool someday. (hint, hint)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Snocones, volleyball and firsts!

Summer days are LONG...but we've managed to stay pretty busy! We stopped by the local sno cone stand one day and the kids chose watermelon, strawberry and tiger's blood as their top picks! It was a good way to cool off on these 100 degree days.

Sheridan has been going to open gym with both basketball and volleyball all summer. There are some kids who play on competitive teams all summer but we didn't think we could make that work this year. She's enjoying herself and played in a team camp at Tech with her classmates last Saturday. We got to pop over for a game. She's very short compared to the girls on her team, but she can hit as well as anyone from the floor!

We had our FIRST MEAL in our new house this week. Richard called me to come check some things and the kids were already with him. I wasn't going to have cheap pizza as our first meal in our forever home...so I made the trip across town for some Chick fil a. It's only right that you get your favorite fast food for your first meal! The counter was dirty and the floor was dirty, and there was no seating, but NO ONE minded! TWO WEEKS until we can get in!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Funday

GREAT morning going to look at Lauren's wedding pictures....ahhh. And then getting to eat lunch with our dear friends Kent and Laine. This family was placed in our life during a season where we were just desperate for a friend couple who was just ahead of us in parenting and ministry. They moved a few years later but return to Russellville a couple times of year. We are TRULY SO THANKFUL they call us to catch up and eat a meal with them when they're in town. We feel blessed on a day when we are reminded of God's goodness.

Fun facts:
1. Laine is the first person I told I was pregnant with Sheridan.
2. Laine and Richard share a birthday.
3. Their three kids are boy, girl, girl, and so are our first three.
4. They gave us a baton (of their daughters) when they were moving, over 10 years ago, and we still have it. And it's still being twirled!
5. The Fanchers are the only adults we have ever gone to an amusement park together, without kids!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Let there be light!

Richard just sent me this pic from the Hill. We've got power...and he and Cam are putting in the can lights so we can see! It's been a slow few days as we had to re-work some power things to get signed off by Entergy and the city to get our power. The guys are still outside rocking and bricking...it's been SO HOT this week...we feel for them. Now that we have A/C the wood flooring has been delivered and it can acclimate to the temp of the house before being put down. We're headed up the hill now, the girls and I, with our first meal...we'll clean up and get ready for the final touches. I don't see us moving until August 20th...but if we get things rolling, maybe just maybe...we can start the process.